Blogging Experience 2014-2015

At first when I started blogging, I did not know what to write about, it took me awhile to come up with prompts or topics for my blog because my blog did not have a general theme. From my experience with blogging, I found out that people have different taste in blog posts. The posts that I got the most likes for were all talking about life and about the deep things. Next time, I start a blog, I will make it a themed blog so that I could have an idea about what to write. I should have learned how to use tags correctly because that would get my work to be more known to the people that has similar interests in the topics that I choose to write about. I should’ve used my twitter that I created just for blogging, at the least I should have turned on the notifications for twitter to automatically send out tweets about my posts. To next year’s upcoming bloggers, the best thing to blog about is what interests you as a person, not what you think you should do to get a better grade. Blogging is very fun if you enjoy the topic. Also, do not make the same mistakes that I did and remember to keep up with your tweets and the usage of tags. This will help you a lot in the future. Next time, Mr. T, should spend more time to teach us about blogging and not have the Tuesday and due Friday checks anymore, most of that time could have been spent to teach us more technique about blogging. Overall, this was an enjoyable and fun experience.

Daily positive 44

kelzbelzphotography Is a great blog with a variety of items. If you are down and you need some positivity or motivation this is a great place to start. There are lots of cool things that this person posts such as drawings, creations and just interesting stories about his or her life.


Well there’s a few today.

I slept! Yes glorious amazing magical dream free sleep . I’m in a little shock 9 hours. Woke half a dozen times. But I can handle that because the rest of the time was perfect. I feel alive, refreshed, ready to take on the rest of what ever withdrawals come my way.

Also my sailor again was sneaky, and thoughtful and left me some money hidden in my art case for stuff me n the house might need. So I ordered the art pens I’ve been dreaming off

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Do Something About It


You often hear people say things like “oh I wish I was as skinny as her” or “wow she is so toned and pretty” and most of the time, it comes from people who do not even want to get up to pick up something they dropped. Let me tell you a “secret” to being like your ideal person, your body is an outcome that includes the proper diet and exercise. I guarantee you that if you did these two things, you would start seeing a difference. This is not some kind of magic that will work overnight with just one day of hard work. To receive and keep these results, you would have to make it your lifestyle. You must maintain both of these things because if one is there without the other, the results are not as effective. If you just exercise, but afterwards you would go home a eat a bunch of junk food, you have basically just waste your time because the junk food will start storing up bad things inside of your body. If you just eat healthy and you do not exercise, you would be healthy, but the fat that you already have will still be there. How would you burn that off you say? Exercise! Start a new and better lifestyle today, do not just lay around and mop just because you are not currently fit. Get up and do something about it. Here is one of my favorite juice recipe:

15 mins
15 mins
Author: The Blonde Chef
Serves: 2 large glasses
  • 2 cucumbers (peeled)
  • 5-6 sprigs of fresh basil
  • 2 mint leaves
  • The juice of 2 grapefruits
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 1 TBS. coconut sugar
  • ¼ cantaloupe 

A Knight’s Armor

“A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested”. This quote is very true, what is this quote trying to portray? Just think about this, every childhood story and fairy tale with a knight always portrays the knight in shining armor and not a dirty or rusted armor, why not thought. If you just bought something, it is still new and you do not have a history with that item yet. Somethings are better when they are not brand new, such as martial art belts. Martial arts belts are actually better if they are worn out and used because this means that you have put hard work and sweat into learning this. You have gained experience and you have made memories with this item whether that be good memories are not, there is still a history and connection. If you just got a new belt, you have just reached that level and you have yet to experience it. You must continue to train to meet the requirements for that belt level. Just like this comparison think of the knight’s armor the same way. If his armor is new and shining, has he had a lot of experience in the field of fighting and rescuing the princess or is he only for show? Why do people always associate a good prince only in a shining armor? The prince obviously cares about his looks more than his skills. If two princes came to rescue you, one in a shining silver armor and another one in a dirty and rusted armor, who would you choose to go with? Most people would pick the knight in shining armor, but what they do not know is that this knight is still an apprentice and does not have as much experience as the other knight. The other knight despite his appearance, he is a well trained knight. Why did they choose the knight in shining armor? That was because of his appearance and the way that he portrayed himself to the princess and she judged him by his cover.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

The Count of Monte Cristo written by: Alexandre Dumas is currently one of my favorite classics, I recently finished reading this book and it is was actually pretty interesting. When I just started reading this book I thought “ugh, this is going to be like one of those boring historical books again” because of the cover of the book and the summary at the back of the book. This book had an old fashion look to it and I usually read the more current books. I decided to read this book because lots of people said that it was extremely good and that I would like it. This was considered one of the classics that everyone had read and if you have not, then it is time to get cracking and start reading right now, well after you finish reading my blog post. I started to read the book and like what everyone said the first six chapters were very slow and nothing happened because the author was setting the background for the story to unfold. After the sixth chapter though, the book took a 180 degree turn. The unexpected happened and the story escalated quickly. Personally, my favorite character from this book is the protagonist named Dantes, Dantes turns out to have lots of different personas, he is a good person and he works hard to achieve what he wants. He develops from a character that has nothing to someone that has everything and even has too  much. He does what he has to, throughout the book he experiences many different things and events that some people should not ever have to go through. He gets to experience all of the human emotions. He learns in the end that the best thing to do is just wait and hope, somethings can not be changed with money and hard work because fate is destined to happen that way even if you knew and tried to fix it. Happiness is the most important thing, even if you had a lot of money and ten houses all to yourself you will not really be “happy”.

Love is a Powerful Emotion

Love is a wonderful thing all humans have this emotion whether they choose to show it or not. We were all born with this capability and we were loved by our parents, family and friends. Some people grow up feeling like they are out of place and lost because they were neglected by there parents, but do not let this obstacle stand in your path. “Treat others how you want to be treated yourself”, this was a saying that we all learned since we were little. Without knowing the value of this saying, we just continued without thinking much about. We just think that this was a saying that we were supposed to be taught and we learned it in elementary school because we had to and the teachers were supposed to teach us this. If you want people to love you, you can not neglect them, but instead you must love them twice as much and they will return the favor. We need to express this feeling more often than hatred and greed because this

The Mindset Matters


Recently, during a meet(which is basically a running competition against other people and their organization) we went to the place where the meet took place. The weather was a dramatic change from what we are used to, because usually we have pretty nice to decent weather where we practice, so we were not used to such high temperatures. Although hot weather is supposed to help you get better times and make your muscles react faster because they are more “elastic”. The temperature of an average day at our practice compared to the place the meet was, was at least a 20 or 30 degrees different. Depending on the person there, our times either went up or down. Some people perform better in hotter weather than others. Some of my friends broke their PR(personal record) or matched it, but some of the other times were not as fast. My coach talked to us after as a team and told us that what happened was all in our mind, which then affected our actual times. “You are capable of doing it and I have seen you do it, so do not doubt yourself and be confident. 20% of the results are from the neck down(he is referring to our physical abilities) and 80% of the results are from your neck up(he is referring to your mindset).” You can change the outcome to what you want it to be, but your resolution must be firm with your stance in your mind, but you also have to execute the action and make it happen. He also told us about this experiment that was done to see how much of effect your mind has on the outcome. There were two basketball teams, one team practiced free throws everyday for one month and the other team had to do mental practice(visualization) for one month. After that month was up, they had a free throw test for both of the teams and their results were very similar. However, this does not meant that you should always skip practice and training and only do mental practice. For this to work, you must be physically capable to do it first, which means conditioning, even if you hate it. It is honestly all in your mind, if you believe that you will do well and try your best, you would have better results and even if you did not reach it, you tried your best and no one will blame you.

Hurdling and a Cluster of Feelings

Yesterday we had an important track meet. The meet yesterday was a tri meet, which is a meet that involves three sides competing against each other.  The meet was very fun and exciting, to have people you know run and cheering them on, it’s a great feeling and having to run and having people you know cheer you on gives you more energy surprisingly. We train hard everyday and lift quite a bit to race in these meets. We start off and the blocks and the placement of the blocks depend on your race, how far you are running and what event you are doing. The blocks are these things where you set your foot on and bend down and to start you bend up with your hands on the floor and push off and run. The blocks are usually used for any event that is 400 meters or less because those are usually considered speed events. Of course this would not include the jump event, such as long jump, high jump and triple jump and pole vault. There are some other events such as shot put and discus and these would be the throw events. I believe that we did win yesterday,  but the official results are not out yet. From the place we are to the place the meet was,  was a 30 minute drive. Our team had some great hand offs and we had some great fakes. We have certain marks where we speed up and pass all the other people at and it felt great. When ever I am at the starting blocks or when it is almost our time for us to run our events, my heart starts beating really fast and of course I start getting butterflies. When the gun goes off and we start running the feeling starts fading away. I ran as fast as I could and the feeling of running and passing someone or even trying to catch up with someone is different and it is kind of satisfying even though you can not pass them, you should run with them. Sadly, I was slightly disappointed because I was only like half a footstep behind the girl in the lane right next to me. The meet lasted 8 hours, it was tiring and fun at the same time. This was my first meet, so i was really excited and pumped for like 2 days before the race itself.



“I’m such a perfectionist and I like to have everything just right, but at the same time I try to be as real and as genuine as I can be in my life and in my career” –Josh Turner. Do we not all have those moments are times in our lives that we try our best at? Some people are always getting judged for being such “perfectionists” or even in a more negative way such as being  “try hard”, while others do not try at all. Would you rather have someone on your team in a sport be a perfectionist or a person who gives up. Personally I do not think that it is fair for that person to be judged so harshly when they are trying their absolute best, for a matter of fact they should be praised more often instead of getting such negative responses. As we all know it is harder to do well than, just giving up at the start and not even giving something a shot because you think that you cannot do it. At one point, we have all tried to accomplish something that you work very hard for but in the end you could not accomplish your goal. I believe that all of us regular people and the people who do not try at all, get jealous of the perfectionists, who could start and reach the goal that they wanted. Personally, I would like to be a perfectionist too and try my best at everything I do, but sadly that is not always possible. If we were all given the chance, to become a “perfect” person, I think that we would all be willing to take that chance to improve and learn how to be perfect. Even though, we think that perfectionists are already perfect, but in their minds even they are not yet at the “perfect” level. Wait, but let me ask you this, what does being perfect mean and why does being perfect matter so much to us? Each person has their own view and definition of “perfect”, but this has always been our goal.

Hanging Out with Friends

Chinese New Years this year was a blast. Did any of you guys do anything fun? I had a ton of fun with my family and friends. We went to the night market at the Asian Garden Mall, which is located somewhere in Little Saigon. The Night Market there is basically a bunch of stands that sell things like toys, phone accessories and other things. They also have some food stands there. There is a small stage near the entrance to the Asian Garden Mall building what people could go up to sing and to request songs. Often they also have some singers perform there too. I went there with some friends and we just hung out around there getting food, playing games and buying stuff. Another place that we went was the Tet Festival in Orange County. That was really fun because we spent the whole day there and we went on rides, at food and walked around. We also played a bunch of the games. We passed by this one game stand, which was the basketball shooting one and we must have spent at least an hour there just shooting hoops. It was really fun and in the end my friend won a giant stuffed bear and they ended up giving to me as my birthday present. It was really fluffy and cute I loved it, although I have to say carrying it around for awhile got a bit tiring because it was so big. We went on this one ride, which I forgot the name to, but it spins super fast. That was not a good idea because I do not do well with spinning things and rides because I get dizzy very easily. The funny thing is we did not know that we get dizzy so easily until we got off that ride. We all fell to the floor and dragged our we over to a bench and just sat there as we tried to come back to reality. We each spent about one hundred dollars that day, but it was honestly very worth it because we had so much fun and it was like a break from all the stress that we have been getting daily.

Colourbox via Holiday Pictures. 2015. PHOTO MOMENT: Chinese New Year 2015 – Year of the Sheep/Goat, n.p. By The Half Eaten.